Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In 2008 on a particularly stressful day, Tarzan and I went to Goodwill instead of attend another Perot quarterly time to RIF meeting.

While there we laughed our way through the books when one of us had the brilliant idea to buy the books with titles that amused us and delivery to everyone's desk. Then one of us had the idea to write inscriptions with forged signatures in the front (in retrospect I'm sure this had to have been his idea 😏).

For months our co-workers speculated on where the books came from while amused or befuddled.  One of us (and I'm sure this too was probably him) broke down and declared we were the culprit.

I forgot how much thus activity amused me until today when I was at the Thrift Box in San Jose.

Damn thst my suitcase was full because all of my loved ones would have seen this humor for Christmas (CEM - how to live with a neurotic dog was already visualized in your stocking)


Kim Thomas said...

Such an awesome activity. LMAO

Sara Watson said...

haaaaaaahahahaha. total greatness :)

Amy Judd said...

Great idea

Diane said...

I remember this! Of course it was him;)