Thursday, July 1, 2010

The gift that keeps giving

Over a month ago I brought paradise home with me from Bora Bora. Every day I wake up and clip off the dead growth from the nail that hurts. I also dramatically pull it away if someone comes anywhere close to it.
I am pleased to report that it hurts less these days. Enough that I don't need to wear a bandaid.
Yesterday I am in a meeting writing fairly odd since I have to have it stick out (like a sore thumb :)). My boss looks over and declares "Oh my - what happened"?
The following conversation follows:
Me: Oh the love of my life closed it in a door on my honeymoon
The other DP: At the beginning of the honeymoon or end?
Me: The beginning
The other DP: Not good for him
Me: Uh no
The other DP: You should put a bandaid
Me: Oh it doesnt hurt anymore its ok
The other DP: No you should put a bandaid on it so it doesnt gross the rest of us out


Queen B said...


according to Chris: no band aid. you have to let it breathe....

let them deal with being grossed out ;)

Andrea said...

I have to agree with putting the band aid on...of course that may be because it looks ever so slightly like the colors of my disgustin lunch, which I'm eating while reading this....

Amy said...


Anonymous said...

Who knew he had a sense of humor!!! Or is easily grossed out. Either way - good to know!

Kim Thomas said...

I have a number of bandaids you can use

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, and it is looking so much better. Mom