Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have a clean house

There are a few keeping the house tidy habits that I have (they may or may not drive my family nuts - you be the judge.......)

1. Do not like shoes hanging around without a home.

Shoes that are in the middle of the room get put in the "basket".
One weekend REM and Tarzan actually conducted a social experiment to see what triggered my compulsive need to put their shoes in the basket. Apparently the closer to the person or the couch the shoes were the more often I would leave them alone, but the further the shoes got away from the couch and towards the center of the room the quicker they got put in the basket. That weekend I put shoes into the basket 16 times.
2. Everyone has a "basket"

Once full: the whoever owns the basket should put it away (and lord help anyone caught riffling through it instead of just putting it away)

3. Do not like the cute little corner REM has found in the dining room to place her shoes

Recently I found a pair of her shorts there. Not ok, put in basket or in your room :)
4. Do not like glasses of water hanging around

In fact I hear a couple times a week. "Where did my drink go?"
REM always one to conduct social experiments (or just salvage her ice water) now refuses to use a regular cup in lieu of labled one. Not a bad idea but I am reccomending a date/time marking.


Diane said...

What happens to the person who take an item out of their basket?

REM has a good idea and date is even better.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Mom

Queen B said...

RO @ the social experiment! I totally would have wanted to play along :)

Kim Thomas said...

I so need to institute the baskets