Saturday, July 24, 2010

Local restaurant in Dallas

For my slumber party with Alice we wanted to go for a really nice dinner. I pinged Queen B (ie the chefs wife) for a recommendation. She gave a great list of about 6 choices.
None struck the Young girls fancy so I typed in a google search for "local restaurant in Dallas".
I found a great what named Deep Ellum.
Alice questioned Deep Ellum. Is it Deep Ellum in Deep Ellum?
It wasn't until we arrived (cool chic urban remodeled warehouse) that I realized that Deep Ellum is a neighborhood on Dallas and the restaurant was actuality named Local.

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Alice said...

We need to show our bathroom pic for everyone to really experience the restaurant.

Had too much fun.

Amy said...

How was the food?

Anonymous said...

Clever name. Mom

Diane said...

Looks it like was very dark in there.

Queen B said...

when you told me where I went, I headed off to Google it. As I typed in "Local restaurant dallas" I was really suspicious that I would never be able to find it. But... I totally understand now how you got there!

Kim Thomas said...

Love a good slumber party.