Monday, July 19, 2010

If you can't beat em, join em

For my girls in Georgia:
  • Number of boys in my class - 13
  • Number of girls including me in my class - 2
  • Number of strong accents (vocal) in my class - 10
  • Number of blue shirts - 7
  • Number of red ties - 5
  • Number of times I walked into the bathroom stall and saw a naked girl on the pot -1
  • Number of hours in class - 9
  • Number of radishes I ate for dinner - 4
  • Number of my handicap accessible room - 320
  • Number of times I will be able to take a bath in my handicap accessible room - 0


Andrea said...

I think I'm most impacted by the fact that there are naked girls around....Please tell me this was NOT at the office...

Jane said...

I showered tonight, again

Queen B said...

love it! except for the bathroom experience, of course ;)

Kim Thomas said...

1 Number of times I saw a naked girl