Sunday, July 11, 2010

Total Time Wasters

  • Read about Carrie Underwood and her beau's wedding (because I care??)
  • On my IPad went to US Magazine and looked at the 25 most favorite fashion people wedding pictures (If you havent seen Bill and Hillary you have to, the Obama's not much better)
  • Read about the fabulous Miami team (because I care??)
  • Read about Lindsay Lohan's prision term (really don't care)
  • Went to Healthfood store (twice)
  • Read my last 5 issues of "Time" Magazine (probably interesting when it was timely)
  • Read Eat Right for Your Blood Type (twice)
  • Watched "Predator" (thumbs down)
  • Watched "The Governments most shocking secrets" on SyFy (at least I was exercising at the time)
  • Cleaned up my Tivo playlist (now have 83% available)
  • Watched pilot of "The Glades" (thumbs up)

I am ready for Monday :)


Kim Thomas said...

You have just been going, going and going lately.

Queen B said...

haha... like 4 celebs got married this weekend, so you could have spent a lot more time wasting on that. Oh, and Carrie is headed to Bora Bora for her honeymoon.... wonder if she'll sustain a finger injury, wear a green travel shirt, or a Pacman nightshirt....

Summer is a great time for Tivo cleanup. We're now in the 60-70% free range

Andrea said...

I spent much of the last week cleaning up my Tivo. These are nice productive time wasters...better than just staring off into space and drooling

KFuj said...

What was the biggest waste of your time?

KFuj said...

What was the biggest waste of your time?

Diane said...

Mine was playing on my new incredible