Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Cool

Cassettes? Tapes?
What is a cassette tape?
Oh, you are so old fashioned!
But we know if you are like us, we have too many
cassette tapes that we can’t part with.
We can transfer your cassette tapes and put an a CD.
$5.00 each
No need to buy new CD’s.
No need to purchase songs on iTunes.
The Larsen boys, with help from their mom, can help you today!
If you are interested let me know, I will forward to them
(dont you love an enterpreneur?)


Ann said...

Nice business! I got rid of all my casette tapes years ago...wish I still had them!

Kim Thomas said...

I have some that I will be sending your way

Queen B said...

I'm with Ann :(

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'll start gathering mine up. Mom