Friday, March 27, 2009

HCBC Challenge (it's a beauty thing)

The challenge included the HCBC spouses.
First of all: you have all been to husband obedience school and in return for completing the assignment you should not only get an "A" but you are owed a 30 minute massage.
If you are in the top three you should also get lucky.
Thanks for playing!!!!
First place
Most unique color, most manly knuckles (Joe have you been popping them?).
Great job at all 5 fingers!!!!
Second place
Most manly fingers (or gorilla like, love the hair),
The thumb looks great (usually the hardest to get right)

Third place
Pink suits you!!
Pinky feeling a little naked,
but you did wonderful staying in the lines


Paula said...

Hey wait!!! Kfuj hasn't posted my pic yet!!!
Not fair!!!

Agent DragonFly said...

YAY!!! Joe will be THRILLED!!! What an honor.....his first HCBC challenge!
Thank you to Paula, the judge, and all other contests brave and manly enough to compete!!!

Queen B said...

excellent judging!

Joe said...

Thank you, thank you, I'd like to thank Jane and the panel of one judge. What an honor. Yes, I compulsively pop my knuckles - need to stop that. I definitely agree with Jane on the rewards!! What's the next challenge?

- joe

KFuj said...

Paula, I never got your email.I saw your comment last week and I posted a comment on your blog and sent you a message. Sorry :-(