Friday, March 27, 2009

She's 12!!!!

Happy Birthday REM!
Your momma love you!
Your sisters love you!
Your friends love you!
Your aunts and uncles love you!
Your grandma and grandpa love you!
Your cousins love you!
Wow, you are loved!!!!!!!


Paula said...

Second & third cousins love ya too!
Happy B'day

Alice said...

She is loved!!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering what was taking so long for this to get up!

Ruthie Girl said...

Definitely loved.

And 12, really!?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Love you like crazy! Hope your day is GREAT! G'ma Rae

Queen B said...

Happy Birthday!

The Queen loves you!
All hot chicks love you :)

Agent DragonFly said...

WOW!!!! 12......1 away from official teenage years!! Just wante you wanted to hear! She looks GREAt and sounds like a GREAt kid!! Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - I am sorry this is so late. I hope you had a great day. Love ya, Auntie Em

Andrea said...

Georgia loves you, too!

Kim Thomas said...

12 and beautiful! Happy Birthday!