Friday, March 20, 2009

Communicating with your children

My children are away for Spring Break.  I am sure they are not aware how much their mom misses them!  What is entertaining to me is how each child communicates.

CEM:  Daily photos with a "I miss you mom" or "love you mom"

REM: Random one word/two word texts. 

YEAH (in response to my 'are you having fun")
OK (in response to my "how's your day?"

MJM: Facebook status

 "I am going to Joe's Crabshack and later to DISNEYLAND!!!!!Its going to be great!!!!!!!


Diane said...

Love the pics of CEM!

Anonymous said...

I think REM and I communicate a lot the same way. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

My communication with REM on Wednesday:

KT: Hey, I saw MJM's Facebook status. I am headed to Disneyland too.
REM: We aren't there
KT: Oh, bummer! Sydney and I were hoping to see you.
REM: Yeah
KT: Tell your sisters I love them!

***4 Hours Later and after I had already left Disneyland***

REM: We are here now, where can we meet you?

Sugared Rose said...

awww she is too cute!

Queen B said...

Love technology

pics are SO cute!