Sunday, March 29, 2009

John Minore (just another judge?)

Top 5 reason that would prompt someone to put on a bumper sticker for a local judge.
1. We are that close of friends
2. Oh I owe him a favor
3. Cool name
4. He's republican and so am I
5. It will cover up that dent on the bumper and my wife wont see it.


Ruthie Girl said...

If you are hiding it from you spouse, it is time for a communication lesson.

I don't get bumper stickers, you wouldn't put one on a porsche.

Interesting pic.

Paula said...

I've never understood why people would put election stickers on their car...too difficult to remove when the politician gets caught with his hand in the wrong cookie jar, or any of the other things politicians do wrong!

Anonymous said...

Or - it is Mom. Mom

Queen B said...

I'm not sure reason 4 is a good enough one to deface my car...

Kim Thomas said...

I go with number 1 for sure. If you were running for judge I would have it on my car.

I am also adding a 6th reason: To be funny