Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer 2013

The most responsible 17 year old I know.  Working hard at Sun Splash and owning the first tan of her life.  She is beginning to appreciate fitness, is incredibly disciplined and confident.  Sweet, honest and her faith in mankind warms us all.

In 3 days (if all goes well) she will be the next licenses driver in the house.  Her summer is not much different than her school year-consumed with school work and basketball. Smart, funny and always pushing the edge.  She understands the pulse of people with just one glance (or text).

4 days shy of 10 and a half this kid continues to amaze all of us.  She can quote every funny commercial (and Kevin Hart) on TV, she is intuitive, competitive and super fashionable.  I am so happy that she still wants me to her about my life every night when she goes to bed. 


Diane said...

Love these girls! Their mom is a great role model. They look very stylish:)

Sara Watson said...

LOL - totally ditto Diane :)