Thursday, June 6, 2013

Go live nails - and my new friend

For the St Joe go live I did my nails orange by request of that Program Director.  After Northstate went live this week I was asked what color I was going to do them (and trust me they needed it) I was told that hot pink was a must (oh dear a 3 week commitment and exec pics the next day).

Always one for a good challenge, pink it was.  The next day while dramatically talking with my hands my new friend Dr D (a social, Lakers loving, Magenta crayon stealing, brilliant and like minded human) noticed and pulled out the coolest magenta flip phone circa early 2000.  Only a real man can carry this color (and this indeed was validated during the course of our conversation)

Pink is hot
The cool people's official photo

The NSSA official photo 
Shout out to Chat Lo who has been lucky enough to know Dr D the longest. Jane is a nick name also better served over cocktails. 


Diane said...

Great cool people photo!! Surprised you got that color. did you try and convince him to get a droid or iPhone?

Amy said...
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Sara Watson said...

that is a GREAT color and awesome phone :)

Amy said...

Love the color

Kim Thomas said...

You and Deanna are the most stylish by far