Monday, June 3, 2013

My island companion

Dialogue with the funniest child while in different zip codes.

After a brief ring and the text stating she was sorry for butt dialing.  I called her a declared how much I missed her.  We discussed how unattractuve we were both looking and how I kept tattooing people with a sharpie or stamp in her honor.  We decided to exchange our beautiful looks.  

The following texts had me laugh out loud and regain happiness

Out of respect (and she might have threatened me I won't show her initial pic)

Mine to her

Mom: See I really do miss you 
REM: I don't have one :(
Mom: you do now 
REM: yes I do!!

And the hers to me after a shower and 3 min of effort 

Love this child!!


Diane said...

You both look good. REM rocks!

Sara Watson said...

love technology :)

Kim Thomas said...

I so love that girl