Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

A couple weeks ago the HR Director I work with said,"You know I am impressed with your commitment to people and the strong moral fiber that you use in decision making - you must get that from your dad (she often gets parables, davidisms and lauraisms that have developed from davidisms)." 
Later in the conversation with that same employee she said "you know what else I love?  Noone can tell a story like you do (following an hysterical recount of traveling with a large family and having to be the first one to sleep or you were stuck with the floor or annoyance of someone's snoring)"

I told her, "yeah I get that from my dad too"
Love this man more than any blog could describe.  I am who I am because of your  parenting and goal to make us all functional adults!


Diane said...

Happy Fathers Day David! You both are impressive:)

Sara Watson said...

I am so thankful he passed on his gift of storytelling to you :) miss you!!!!!