Sunday, February 26, 2012

My date with CEM

CEM:  I think they have been here for a while
Mom:   I agree (thinking because of messy table)
CEM:    I mean there are #2 and we are 78. Btw that girls name couldn't have been Adam
Mom:   What?
CEM:   The receipt. That was a girl not a boy behind the register. And what is the difference between 81 and 78
Mom:   Not sure, what's the difference between receipt number and receipt copy
CEM:     Do they really need to track that much stuff?


SAngRiA Smiles said...

I shoulda been there with y'all - could have easily explained all of these nuances and why they make sense :) miss you guys!

Diane said...

Love CEM! This little girl is too smart:)

Kim Thomas said...

I love this girl!