Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I hate Oakley

So I bought new Oakley glasses July. They officially made it less than 4 months. Never have I invested that much money and transitioned to a new pair.

I got two pairs of Guess glasses yesterday and am not having buyers remorse at quickly discarding the other pair that wouldn't stay on my face. The pair that last week after getting adjusted to stay on my face got fractured lens resulting in viewing through lens that looked like Vaseline over them. Fun.

Yes Sara and Diane I do realize my contacts are an option.

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Diane said...

Love the new glasses! I like my Oakleys but they are wire frame sunglasses.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

Love the new glasses :) I'm still managing to rock my contacts, although the prescription is completely terrible.

I've had the same issue with Oakley sunglasses. bummer

Kim Thomas said...

How about some guess sunglasses? You can keep them in my car.