Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alice, Kim and Lex

In the past week Alice has sent me several pics for my virtual opinion while shopping. I have shared this joy with my children, Kim and Lex also.

Today I was struggling with my hat choice for tomorrow's game. I sent to Alice and Kim for their opinion. Kim responded too late but Alice promptly responded on the white one. However once she responded I realized she may not realize the intended purpose of the hat. "Love the white one but skip the horseshoe". I was thinking the same thing.  ;)

PS Lex I love your new shoes

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Alice said...

Lol. You know whats funny is I didnt notice the horseshoe in the white hat cause it was smaller and less in your face. I figured it was for the colts but I forgot you were at the game this weekend. Still love my choice! :)

SAngRiA Smiles said...

cute shoes!

I bet you can get those horseshoe hats at a great price this season.

Diane said...

I would have picked the first hat but don't really like the pom on top.

Kim Thomas said...

I didn't see any hats in the game day photos