Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Support for Six (Seven if you include my spouse)

My dad used to complain about Soccer Saturday. This weekend while watching the Larsen children (therefore becoming the mother of 5 different personalities over night), Soccer Saturday was trumped with a day spent transporting literally all day.

615 am MJM to Mtn View for Debate tournament

745 am make waffles

810 am REM to Mtn View for basketball practice

820 am pick up Dallin, get contacts

845 am all Larsens to choir practice

905-943 am  shop at Epic thrift store with CEM, spending $91 in 37 min and getting gifts for many (to be highlighted in its own post)

1015 am transport REM and partial team from Mtn View to Frys

1120 am transport REM and partial to to maddie neighborhood and back to Mtn View ( fundraising)

1130 am pick up Larsens

1145 am attempt to pick up REM Mtn View (mom can I hang out with team)

1146 am leave REM at Mtn View

1215 pm pick up MJM Dobson High

1230 pm pick up chik fil a for all

130 pm take Dallin back to GPA

2-530 pm As you wish

532 pm Purchase Christmas in a cup

545 pm drop off MJM and CEM at second cousin party

6-7 pm make pot roast and hang 4 pictures

710 pm pick up REM and transport partial team home

715 pm attempt to pick up MJM and CEN (mom can we stay for desert)

722 pm declaration to all " I am putting on pjs and watching a movie, once I sit I will not be getting up)

725 pm make shakes for Sophia and Clark

740 pm start video

800 pm explain video to returning McKay children

915 pm answer door and deliver Dallib forgotten bag

930 pm stories and tuck in for CEM and Sophia

1000 pm start second video

1200 am the end good night

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Diane said...

You had a busy day! Cute giraffe. What movies did you watch?

SAngRiA Smiles said...

all I saw were "contacts" :)

LOVE that giraffe!

What on earth is in the Dell plastic bag?

Can I hire you to personal shop for me?

Kim Thomas said...

Not looking forward to this