Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 pics sent to me week ending 11/18

1. From Kim: the end of Ariel

2. From Amy: the end of the sippy

3. From mom: Whitsons in the slipper

4. From Tarzan: jess in transit

5. From Kim: Sydney posing. :)!

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SAngRiA Smiles said...

adios, Ariel
adios, Sippy
That is a TALL heel
Hi, Jess
could Sydney's eyes be any prettier?

I need to send you more pics.

Alice said...

Let it be the first to be said:

My hair is freaking awesome in that pic.

Diane said...

Love the big shoe.

Kim Thomas said...

Lol Alice. Never seen self promotion like the Youngs. Love it