Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love and Respect Mon - Arriving in Jamaica

I have been accused/given accolades for finding great vacation spots (thank you, but the accolades for October Break 2011 goes to Tarzan and CEM.

After months of online research from a colleagues reccomendation, they decided on and we booked a week in Jamaica at Rainbow Tree Villa (treasure

Saturday 10/8/11
After 6.5 hours of flight time, 6 hours of waiting and a false alarm with a lost camera (yes it was found buried in a bag mid flight) we arrived safely in Montego Bay. After the initial shock of the hot, humid, slightly smelly airport (the first of many "we are in a third world country" declarations by mom) we got through customs and exited looking for our driver. Bright smiles from "sandals", "seniors on the move" and "desire/desire" (I don't even want to know) but none for Rainbow Tree. After a brief silent prayer "dear heavenly father please help us start the vacation on a positive note" our bright smile named Amonn found us. We all piled in the van for our 45 minute drive (insert travel warning/advice here - Jamaicans while warm and friendly are terrible estimators of time. The chosen Friday night stay by my parents was 30 minutes from airpot not the 1.7 miles as advertised. And our destination was almost 2.5 hours).

After picking up grandma and grandpa Amonn correctly drove on the left side of the road navigating potholes and slightly freaking out the eight year old back seat driver. At the 1.5 hour mark we stopped for a toilet break at a roadside jerk stand ("it's a third world country") and enjoyed some of the best jerk pork I have ever had. Please note I was the only person in the vehicle who took advantage of the toilet facilities.

As the sun was setting (and every one was rushing in to use the bathroom) we arrived at our home for the week. CEM quickly showed everyone their pre-assigned rooms and i may have pushed REM into the pool for a brief swim. we then sat down for a lobster salad prepared by Amonns wife Laura and sister Jenny. We ate on the porch, 500 feet from the ocean with the sky in our hands. How blessed to be in this beautiful place with everyone I love.


Kim Thomas said...

I have read each of your posts and am now going to affirm that sometimes words are better than pictures. (Not that I can't wait to see the supporting pictures)

Three RO's:

(1) The third world country and the slightly smelly airport

(2) Not sure I am pleased to know that Sydney looks like a Jamaican man but I am definitely looking forward to the ffd.

(3) Desire/Desire....maybe you secretly want to know?

Diane said...

Glad you arrived safely! That is a huge difference in time to get to your destination. I bet REM wanted to go for a swim anyway. I can't wait to see pictures!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww. Glad the day ended well :) #jealous