Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did I mention the beautiful sunsets?

Wednesday 10/12/11

Today I woke up to the panic in MJMs voice, "mom, I don't feel very good". The thought that it was just too much sun the day prior vanished quickly as she made that urgent mad dash to the toilet.

At breakfast we all decided to delay our trip to YS Falls since this one was right up her alley. Instead we left her in Lauras care sleeping while we went "to town" to go shopping.

CEM, now used to the Jamaican roads was pleased with Ammons driving to the Town of Black River. After a brief stop at the bank, photos at the phone booth and grandpa helping the homeless man we bought our souvenirs.

To say that we all had had or quota of fun at the end of this adventure would be the understatement of the decade. Shopping in 93% humidity may do this to any sane human.

The afternoon swim in the ocean couldn't have been better. Mild waves and talking in the sea water for hours. I could get used to this.

For dinner Laura and Jenny cooked lobster from Ammons catch. Omg - incredible! Poor MJM missed since she was still sick. My dad did share the dinner table but didn't indulge in the delicacy for fear of a wretched tummy returning.

After dinner my dad taught CEM chess strategy (I may never catch up now), and we started canasta.

And the beautiful sunset. Ahhhhh Jamaica


Kim Thomas said...

Looking forward to the pics!

Poor MJM.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

love CEM
poor MJM