Thursday, October 13, 2011

I say hello, you say goodbye

Thursday 10/13/11

We awoke to grandpa climbing the steps up from the ocean.  Just an hour before he was to leave and he finally felt better.  MJM made an appearance to breakfast and quickly determined from the smell that she was going to go back to bed to continue her recovery.  

We  all watched grandma and grandpa drive away and then went inside to prepare for ANTM 2011.  MJM had complained from the beginning that he didn't want to do a photo shoot on the beach and we were skeptical that perhaps her illness was a way to get out of point (totally joking kiddo).

It was way to humid for any type of hair curling, but both REM and CEM straightened their hair and put on some make up.  Me with my camera in hand and REM as my subject and Tarzan with his camera and CEM as his subject we set out for photos.  We had the beach all to ourselves and moved from rock to rock.  CEM lost patience with Tarzan as his camera wandered from her to he scenerey, shells and photos of my photographing REM. we continued down the beach to wear the boat were docked and tarted heading back.  After full analysis of the photo REM is only in love with 14 of them due to the glisten (nice word for sweat) that occurs on close ups in 92% humidity.  I love about 39 of hers and 40 of CEMs.

Back at the house we decided on a game of canasta at the pool. Once canasta was reintroduced (and the competitive spirit exhibited by their grandmother the night before) this consumed our brains. MJM joined us and as afternoon turned to evening we took a break for a fried fish (REM enjoyed it) and key lime pie.

We all decided on a movie night and so the five of us, under a squeaky fan enjoyed and a 28" screen watched a scratched DVD of Big Daddy and Charlie St Cloud. No popcorn - but lots of cuddling.

I got an email with my Scanner cover and article and my fam club heeded me on (future blog-it turned out great!)


SAngRiA Smiles said...

Tarzan is no Nigel Barker?

Can't wait to see the pics!

Diane said...

Where are the ANTM pics? Or Tarzan's scenery photos? I have never played canasta.

Diane said...

Your photos and article is awesome!