Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey baby, hey sugar

Sunday 10/9/11

We woke up to the sound of the ocean crashing, thunder/lightening and pouring rain. Sometime during the night I darted out of bed to ensure the kids were all safe and made a mental picture I will never forget of them sleeping peacefully.

At breakfast grandma, grandpa and Rachel decided to go to church while Tarzan, MJM, CEM and I decided to explore the beach. The beach comers collected beautiful shells in the drizzling rain. We tested the ocean water (oh my warm!) and played scrabble (just one of many games over the course of the week).

When the church goers returned they relayed the most beautiful story of a humble church with incredible power. Having no piano and only a guitar with missing strings the congregation sang with strong power voices. Individually REM shared with me her personal experience and how touched she was when grandpa teared up. Grandpa shared the experience in his words and I was amazed how his inflection shared REMs voice as well.

While still raining grandma, REM and I set out on a walk of the village. We discovered the South Pole market (no hot cheetos "it's a third world country" but we were able to fill grandmas rain jacket pouch with an assortment of other oddly spiced, crispy snacks and chocolate), 2 other roadside markets, jack (the homeless dog that befriended REM), several dead frogs (oh yeah this will have it's own post), and some friendly local smiles.

The sun magically came out in the afternoon for a family swim in the ocean and pool. Poor grandpa started his first day of travelers flu. Knowing what we know now- he is indeed the strongest man I know.


Kim Thomas said...

The church experience sounds like one I would be sorry I missed. I think my thoughts would have been similar to the El Paso Cemetery....

So no hot Cheetos in a third world country? (During my comment I had to take a diversion to google just to ensure Mexico was not third world-this was not due to the cheetos but to my forward thinking comment on Grandpa and MJM "traveling flu"

Diane said...

What an amazing time. I hope you found something CEM would eat. How sweet REM has a new friend in Jack.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

the church experience sounds amazing - I got a li'l teary just reading your recap!