Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lazy Reflective Day

Saturday 10/15/11

Rain, hurricane? No just rain woke me up at 6 am.  

Our plan for a day in the ocean was thwarted by the weather.  Not to be held back REM, CEM and I went for a 3 mile walk in the rain to take pictures at the Smurf Cafe.  We took lot of pictures of dead frogs and the girl were serenaded by three local boys (Celine Dion of all songs). While walking a strong stence (rosemary? ganga?) gave REM and I an immediate magnificent headache and nauseated all three of us. 

Walking home a beautiful "black/white woman" (a local who uses bleaching cream) asked us if we wanted a ride.  We opted to continue our walk to enjoy the surroundings.

We finished the walk on the beach to rinse the road dirt off our feet in the ocean water. The nausea hadnt gone away so we all laid down for naps (MJM now up with energy was slightly annoyed). I started and finished (ok this is where the two Andreas congratulate me) a 450 page book. It was called One Day (written well but annoyed me beyond belief on page 385. This is why I dont invest that much time in books :().

After 2 doses of advil and 2 doses of execedrin I started feeling better. Ammon and his extended family came over for our goodbye dinner. Dinner, canasta and packing up I should have been exhausted. Instead I laid in bed for 2 hours writting this journal of our events for the kids. Around 130 am I realized it was from the caffeine in the execedrin and got up to write it all down.

My dear children - I love you and loved this adventure.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

I'm so glad you captured everything! Everything happens for a reason.... even getting sick, apparently ;)

I bet you guys made quite the impact on Ammon/his fam

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC time! I am proud of you for the book-I liked it, but of course, not the ending! :)

MoM said...

Sorry you didn't sleep but so thankful for your journal.
Thanks for inviting us! It was an great adventure. The sunburn is peeling and the bug bites still itch but they will soon be gone but I'll have your journal and picture.

Diane said...

What a great adventure. I need a really good book to keep me interested enough to finish it.