Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes I am ill

Yes I am working from home under doctors orders

I have to admit it may be Royal event fever

-I have tivo'ed 6 shows about William and Kate, 1 about Prince Harry, 2 about Dianas death and one about the Middletons (third cousins she has never met)
-I watched the newlywed game today where all the couples were named William and Kate
-I have my dvr prepared to record 6 hours of the wedding events so that my sleep is not interrupted
-My mom reminded me that my Great Grandfather was Charles F Middleton and I too may be related and not realize it
-I watched a 90 minute show speculating what her dress will look like
-I am considering changing my name from Jane to Kate for the next 5 days to increase blog traffic since she has the honor of being the most googled person right now


Queen B said...


Ooooooh, I think there should be a show about her long-lost cousin Jane, who she has also never met!

Amy said...

I can't wait to see her dress!

Amy said...

I remember getting up early in the morning to watch Charles and Di get married and Andrew and Sarah.

Kim Thomas said...

I have not Tivo'ed anything yet.

Diane said...

Kate says...LOL