Friday, April 1, 2011

Danger, Danger

The Hungarian language is incredibly difficult. So much so that I didn’t even learn one word before we went (as opposed to the normal “Where’s the toilet?” or “Check please” in Spanish, Italian or French). This trip I went with the faith that someone else (Chris? Art? Train Clerk?) would help me out.
When we got to Vac, Chris says oh look there is the police. “You know what I hate? That Hungarian is the only language where the word police looks nothing like police.” My mind immediately started drafting a blog. As such I asked my language expert to request the Rendőrség officer to pose for a photo with me. I think the only reason he said yes is that it was Revolution Day and Chris was wearing the Hungarian flag pin. After saying yes, in the cutest fashion I have ever seen, he straightened his shirt, had his partner exist from the car and put on his hat.

That night on my Ipad I looked at the word police in the following languages.

Albanian - Polici

Crotian - policija

Czech - policie

Dutch - politie

English - Police

Estonian - Politsei

Finnish - Poliisi

French - Police

German - Polizei

Hungarian -Rendőrség

Indonesian - Polisi

Italian - Polizia

Polish - Policja

Portuguese - Policia Romanian - De poliţie

Slovak - policia

Spanish - policia

Swedeish - polis

Turkish - polis


Unless you are hanging with the Hernandez’s or have read this blog do not look for danger in Hungary. The police don’t exist.

Oh yeah, this is not a real officer but a poster that amused me at the Budapest Airport. I am guessing British and in fact a Police Officer


Queen B said...

woohoo! look at that safety vest he's rocking :)

um, that is a strange way to spell police.

you so need to join the CIA

Anonymous said...

But it is a cute picture. Mom

Diane said...

Low crime rate?

Kim Thomas said...

I really like the tie. This is so funny!