Monday, April 18, 2011

VOTE FOR US (please )

KPHO Mother Daughter Look-A- Like Contest

Miranda was not only my 24th birtrhday present, but the best present I ever received!. We both love it when friends, family and strangers tell us that not only do we share a birthday but we share the same mannerism and looks. The best present to her would be that above our Zodiac sign (Aquarian), Chinese sign (Rat) and vision; that the public recognizes how lucky we are to have each other. A true mother daughter look like :)

Vote for us!!!!

You have to create an account and can vote up to 3 times a day
(kind of a hassle but aren’t we worth it)

• Register now - Register as a new user
• Confirmation will be sent to your email – confirm
• Login
• Vote
• Search for “Laura”
• Chose picture (our favorite is the second one) and press selection button
• Enter word verification
• Click on Save Vote
• Vote 2 more time
• Come back daily



Ruthie Girl said...

Ok, that was a pain. I practically gave them my social security card to make an account.

Nonetheless, you have gotten my max voting of 3 for the day. Remind me again tomorrow and I will do it again.

Of note, you have three pictures posted. You might want to tell people to just vote on one picture to maximize your votes.

Ruthie Girl said...

P.S. Laura and Laurissa posted 3 pictures, too, but like most people, they have no votes.

I think you are winning with my 3!

Queen B said...

ditto Ruth on "Ok that was a pain"! could they use anymore word verification?

You need the "vote for me widget"

Supermom said...

I voted, but I am with Ruth that was a pain. Way too much nonsense. But obviously people love you because you are up to 26 votes. AAAHHH!

Diane said...

Voting today