Friday, April 15, 2011

Thanks, I think

If you ask Grant (the expert of teenagers) he will tell you that the most important thing to make children welcome in your home is to have a full and welcoming pantry. I pride myself in having one of the best pantries in town.

The pantry is stocked by Costco. This means that whatever is new at Costco for the month winds up in my home. March's special was the above the chocolate. I have been actively dieting (eating in moderation) that the sweet items in the pantry have not been touched by the mom of the house.

It wasnt until last night when I decided to splurge that I realized REM ate all the peanut butter ones and JM ate all the caramel ones. All that was left was raspberry and mint neither of them milk choocolate. Darn. I guess it wasnt meant to be. I guess that the pantry is cool just not the dark chocolate ones.

So thanks to the teenagers, I think :)


Diane said...

I like the ones left. Caramel is my favorite though.

Queen B said...

I have never had the PB ones! mmmmmm

Andrea said...

How funny!! Your family is so good to you for eating all the PB and Caramel ones just so you wouldn't have to.

Kim Thomas said...

Thanks REM! So proud of your mom!