Friday, April 29, 2011

Bartoli's (My Dry Cleaner)

Yesterday I went to drop off my clothes at the Dry Cleaner

Owner: Hi Laura
Me: Hello
Owner: (pulling up name on computer): Its Young right?

Me to Family: Is it wierd that the Dry Cleaner knows my name?
Tarzan: You mean Sandy?
REM (looking up from her phone) : Your new washer and dryer talks?

PS If you havent heard William and Kate (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married this am)


Queen B said...

LOVED her dress

Amy said...

Either shows good customer service that they know your name or it shows that you have way too many DRY CLEAN ONLY clothes.

The wedding was lovely. The bride STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

Of course, we get to call her Catherine now. Pretty dress. Mom

Diane said...

I am surprised Tarzan knows her name and not you.

Kim Thomas said...

Forget Cheers, at the dry cleaners everyone knows your name