Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things that made me happy this week

1. Two trips to CA with a stay at Hotel Thomas
2. A phone call, text and Facebook shout out from Amy on great 80's music
3. MUM finding the artist and lyrics to my new favorite song
4. A dirty messy hug from Herston
5. My mom helping get kids to school
6. Orchestra and choir concert
7. The peace Tarzan has found this week
8. A surprise visit from the Larsen women
9. Great alone time dinner and conversation with CEM
10.Game winning Red velvet cake


Amy said...

I love you!

Diane said...

Red velvet cake is so good!
What is your new favorite song?

Queen B said...

ditto Diane - what is your new fave song?

Jealous of your hotel Thomas stay!