Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ontario style Halloween

Since Jenn Ann posted about Disney decorating for Halloween I went out of my way to take photos at the Ontario airport.

Orginally I was going to post how much vampires and goblins offended me in the security of the airport.

Instead I will instead tell you what I was blind to while on this photo mission: 1 hour delay started first with weather than 32 year old drug addict who seized and passed out in the jet way only after did they realize he had been doing cocaine in bathroom (there is no signage for this).

I only noticed the 7 cop cars, 2 fire trucks, ambulance and paramedic truck when I walked over to the other gate (from a reccommendation of the gate agent who said "honey your plane isn't going anywhere anytime soon" as she was encouraging me ti take a photo of gate 405 instead 404 because it was decorated better.

I should pay better attention to my surroundings
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Kim Thomas said...

Why am I amused by the man on the laptop in the background? There is really nothing specific about him that is funny but I am cracking up

Queen B said...

RO @ gate agent advice

what a trip!

Diane said...

Not bad for a small terminal.

KFuj said...

I love when place decorate for holidays.