Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silly bands

All moms with children in grade school get to deal with this crazy phase.

For those who don't have kids this age: they wear, trade, and collect all different shapes and sizes. (andrea first introduced last spring)

So on Thursday CEM traded Raea two fruits and an animal for a "womens bathroom sign".
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Ruthie Girl said...

She got rid of the bathroom sign!!!! That was her favorite.

They work as great bribes. I bought $50 worth, ironman to princess to crazy signs.

It works.

Diane said...

Thats your girl! :)

I saw Justin Bieber, NFL and ASU ones this weekend.

KFuj said...

Where did you find the crazy signs? Middle schoolers log them too. I was think of giving them to my kids when they get a 100% on a test.

KFuj said...

I wonder if they have USC?!

Queen B said...

um, this will have to be ffd

Kim Thomas said...

Saw some Disney ones today