Sunday, February 28, 2010

252 minutes wasted

Over the course of the day there were several events that were a monumental waste of time. I decided to calculate all of the unexpected unproductive hours today

17 minutes Previews prior to the movie Dear John
46 minutes Sitting on the runway in Phoenix after we had already moved away from the gate
55 minutes Waiting for a checked bag in Atantla
14 minutes The journey to the rental car lot
120 minutes Time change from MST to EST


Kim Thomas said...

Regardless of circumstance, all time spent in baggage is wasted

The good news is you will get the 120 minutes back on the return flight

Queen B said...

ugh :(

are you getting in a Braun visit???

let me know how our booth looks

Diane said...

Time changes stink. I always hate waiting for my bag in Phx, it takes forever.

KFuj said...

Time change and waiting for baggage doesn't bother me... However waiting once we pull away from the gate, pisses me off!! They only pull away so they can say we left on time, even if you sit on the runway for 2 hrs.