Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mesa Tribune - Happiest Newspaper on Earth

I dont know that I ever noticed the selection of sports pictures in the newspaper prior until now. This was all before I watched the effort David Thomas takes in picking out just the right picture to submit to the newspaper.
Now that I now the effort and to look for the newspaper editor's style. I am convinced that the Mesa Tribune likes the hug the colleague (all pictures are from today's paper) and chooses the happy theme.
PS I love David's pictures :)


Diane said...

David takes amazing pictures!

Queen B said...

David's pics are amazing

mesa.... not so creative....

David said...

Too kind, and thanks for the nice comments.

The pictures you describe are called "jube" or "jubo", both short for jubilation. They can really tell the story of the game, although rarely are both teams jumping for joy. It works the other way, too.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Kim Thomas said...

I suck that I didn't do a post about this first.....I really suck.

Anonymous said...

How interesting, I love the huggie pictures. Mom

LoSpace said...

I like learning a new word from David and I'm gonna start using it as in "Hey, cheer up, show me some jube!" when people are being downers. Hehe. David, what's the word for the anti-jube?!?!

Ruthie Girl said...


When I was on the cover of the AZ republic, I was knocking a girl down.

Personality of the paper?~!