Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rating Phone Holders

B-: If the phone is not perfectly situated it will fall to the ground

A+: Flat surface big enough for any phone

A-: Flat and long, but if phone vibrates it makes an awful noise on plastic

F: no phone can be held her. Must pee one handed

C: Works for a smaller phone (like a pearl)

B+: If you use the flat surface


Kim Thomas said...

The 2nd from the bottom is what we have in Pasadena and as you have noted it worked great with the Pearl. Terrible with Droid, I have to put Droid in bra (which is not comfortable)

Queen B said...


LoSpace said...

I am concerned about the long-term somatic effects of putting a Droid in one's bra.

Kim Thomas said...

The bathtub holder wasn't as good as I thought.

Diane said...

I agree with KT, bathtub not a good choice. This would rate along with the sinks that have the automatic sensor to turn on.