Sunday, February 7, 2010

I used to rule the world, blah blah blah la la

When I moved to Arizona in 1989 I suddenly had incredibly dry lips. For the first two weeks I blamed it on being in the desert and the "Dry heat". When I borrowed chapstick from my mother shortly thereafter I had the epiphany. I always had dry lips however, Amy always had chapstick in her front pocket and it was there for my use. This was a huge transition to get used to having the dry lips because I refused to carry chapstick. To this day every time I lick my lips or use chapstick I miss Amy.

Fast Forward 24 years. I do a simple post on Facebook.

"Hey soul sister"

Amy's response??

"Aint that mister, mister
on the radio, stereo"

And the ephiphany for 2010 is, for years I have had songs stuck in my head without knowing the full lyrics (hey soul sister, replay, viva la vida. I used to rule the world......................). I know all the lyrics to songs in the 80's. I know many from the Disney channel in recent years due to my children helping. However I didnt realize this was a flaw in my brain until that innocent post.

Damn, I miss you Amy

"I dont know what color your eyes are baby but your hair is long and brown"


Amy said...

Laughing and crying. I miss you too!

Amy said...

BTW, I used to carry Bonne Bell Lipsmackers now it is Blistex. I would send you some but you probably wouldn't carry it with you. :P

Queen B said...

that's awesome

I always have chapstick in my pocket... we need to roll together more often ;)

Kim Thomas said...


I never have chapstick and only use when I borrrow from others (primarily my mom)

Sharon Smith used to sing "super salad bar" instead of "suicide blond"

Diane said...

Where did "every good boy does fine" come from? I do not think this is a song or is it?

LoSpace said...

See my post today. And dang you for making me look up that song...Your legs are strong, and you're so, so long And you don't come from this town ...whew that's a relief that middle part was bugging me.