Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When you Care Enough to send the very best

Amy and Weisfeld Jewelers sent me Hallmark

Aunt Emily, Queen B, Southwest, sent me non-Hallmark
Love getting Snail Mail regardless, thank you all :)


Amy said...

I am glad it arrived in time.

Love ya

Ally said...

I love Shoebox and Hallmark cards :) Same thing, but still! I also loved Fresh Ink cards! I actually can't remember if they still make those.

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Queen B said...

I'm not sure if I prefer to be in the company of Southwest or Weisfeld :)

Diane said...

Cards are always nice to receive.

Kim Thomas said...

Hallmark.... I heart Amy.

Anonymous said...

What ever the brand or even handmade - I think it's the thought that counts...Hope you enjoyed your day. Auntie Em