Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Andrea Braun is Jasmine

10. She loves the color green

9. She is mysterious

8. She is adventerous

7. She keeps a journal of all of her fun adventures

6. Jasmine's one true love is a tiger

5. James and Aladin are both odd numbered

4. She loves go to the market to shop for food

3. She talks with her hands

2. There must be a genie to help her get everything done around the Braun household.

1. And according to she is a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise. Loud and has a lot of spunk



Andrea said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Had no idea I was so much like Jasmine! ;D

Wishing for a genie to get me home right now!

Queen B said...

ooh, this is great!

Happy Birthday, Jasmine... oops, I mean, Andrea!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday!

Kim Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, Braun!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you made it home!