Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Open Letter to Kate

Dear Kate,
Airbrushing, hair extensions and a good media representative with a friend at People magazine will not turn you into a nice person.


LoSpace said...

Wonder if Kate and Elin are using the same media rep?!?! Hmmm probably not.

Ruthie Girl said...

Ok, I'll admit the picture looks very fake, but please don't tell me you find yourself on Team Jon?!?!

After the divorce, he went crazy.

She gets the keeping it together award and the better parent award.

...ok, now the weird extensions award.

Queen B said...

don't like the extensions.... ugh

Ally said...

I am so sick of these two. I actually used to watch the show and now I just wish they'd go away!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Kim Thomas said...

Open Letters from Jane should be a regular feature

Andrea said...

RO!! Thank you for documenting my thoughts!