Friday, July 31, 2009

Snow or Sun

Disclaimer: I suck with car controls

After months of frustration with A/C in the Cadiliac. I have been so damn hot. I finally I get the instructions for the just push the snow button. Ok got it.

Until I take a closer look. Snow looks alot like sun. Hmmmmm

No wonder I am so hot,


Anonymous said...

Humm. It does look confusing. One of those things you'll just have to memorize. Mom

Diane said...

Snow button could be the sun button. You might have better luck adjusting up and down for the fan.

Kim Thomas said...

Hate the snow/sun buttom. Please snow does not = Air Conditioning. And sun does not = heat.

I would think sun would = sunroof.

Anonymous said...

you're HOT regardless of sun and snow buttons ;)