Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daughter of the year award

Tonight at 1030 PM, way to tired to do anything I am sitting on the couch talking to Tarzan and REM. I tell them both I need good blog material and I am too tired to do anything funny.

I pull out my blackberry and start laughing at myself for this picture I took earlier today. I was so amused that I "caught" to IT guys taking pictures of each other. Even more amused that my discrete photography was of photography.

Tarzan looks at it and says, "Who is that". I respond, "I don't know. Suzanne knew and was amused". Tarzan, "hmmmm, not that funny"

REM asks to see the picture and responds with fully belly laughter. "It's funny huh REM". "No mom I can't see it. I just wanted to make you happy"

Love tank filler for sure.


Queen B said...

hahahahahahaha. precious

Queen B said...

oh, and the pic is totally hilarious :)

Kim Thomas said...

The picture is hilarious. Anybody that doesnt think it's funny needs training in humor.

P.S. Next email from Laura:

You can receive 1.0 of training credit by going to my blog for humor training.

Diane said...

Great picture! So funny. REM rocks!