Friday, January 2, 2015

Rio de Janeiro Day 1

On my bucket list has always been to come to Rio.  I originally thought we got here at 11 pm on 1/1 but found out in 1/1 that we didn't arrive until 11 am on 1/2.

Maybe I'm a snob, or maybe I have been to a lot of great places.  Today would have been spent at an over crowded beach at Copacobana had I got it right.

It did turn into a great relaxating day/evening watching the sunset on the top of our hotel after exploring the city.  In a game of would you rather, however, Tarzan picked kissing all of my sisters before jumping in the Atlantic Ocean presented before us.


Diane said...

Awesome! Was the water cold? Would love to be on the beach instead of this cold weather

Kim Thomas said...

To sunglasses and would you rather. Have a great trip!

Sara Watson said...

love the sunglasses pic :)

awesome trip idea!