Friday, January 30, 2015

Celebrating 70 years!!

 Happy Birthday dad!

  The difference 7 decades makes (and proof that 2 is the best number)

1947     Princess Elizabeth marries Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh
2015     Prince William and Kate Middleton will have 2nd great grandchild of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

1947     Americans are able to purchase the first new cars manufactured since the beginning of World War 2
2015     You are down to 22 cars

1947     Drive-in theatres become a booming industry
2015     You watch your 2 favorite shows on Roku

1947     House Un-American Activities Committee begins investigating alleged Hollywood ties to communism
2015     Mom wants Jane Fonda to play her in a movie about the 2nd phase of her life

1947     Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American player in a major league baseball team
2015     2 SuperBowl teams dont even count how many African-American players

When you were 10 years old (1957): Cat in the Hat published and has 2 Things
When you are 70 years old (2015): Your 5 Things celebrate!



Diane said...

Your Dad Is Awesome! And so is #2

Sara Watson said...

so cute! love those shirts!

Kim Thomas said...

Happy birthday to an amazing man!