Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Caramel Taste Test

For Christmas Jess gave me a taste test kit for caramel.  I have been waiting for the perfect time (ie not on plan while not traveling).  That perfect time was on Sunday.  

I cut each piece into 5 pieces and Jess, MJM, Larry and I carefully rated and described each piece.

Thomas, the great moderator, then read off each flavor while we gave are ratings.
Take always:

1. Not sure who has the most discerning taste
2. Jess and I have opposite taste buds, MJM and Larry have similar taste buds
3. I love pepper and spicy-Jess does not 
4. MJM and Larry are spitters when they are dissatisfied 
5. I am more verbose in description than MJM 
6. Ginger leaves an awful aftertaste 
7. Great gift!
8. After a while they all taste the same 
9. Jess loves coffee in any form
10. I love caramel 


Kim Thomas said...

This is an awesome gift! I'll take caramel.

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