Saturday, January 3, 2015

And then we went up

So we toured Rio in 3 hours with a local cab driver (yo hablo muy pocito espanol - which didn't matter because the driver spoke only Portuguese).

With a major communication barrier he took us away from Copacobana and to Ipamena beach and the up.  The further up we went the more we loved the city.  

And then to the very top where Corcodova (Christ the Redeemer as seen on Disneys RIO) stands boldly.  Unfortunately the fog came in and he was not to be seen.  Sigh 

Not grom my camera 


Kim Thomas said...

Two days ago I read a review of Christ the Redeemer statue that said "We could only see feet because a cloud had descended". I guess this is common.

Love your pics

Sara Watson said...

beautiful! what an adventure :)

Diane said...

You both look great in the second photo! Beaches look amazing. Portuguese and Spanish I think are similar