Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not all green is good

My first IT project was Pathways Healthcare Scheduling (a product to schedule patients online in radiology) in 1999. 

The corny tag line in training for this product was "green is good, Orange is better" (green was a templated spot and you could always schedule and orange was a flexible override).

My old co-workers and I spent years after laughing at the stupid saying. And to this day when I see green I think and sometimes say aloud "green is good"

It's good until you decide to cleverly get green toes 

And green nails for Christmas 

Green is not good when one is emerald and the other is turquoise (though I love the turquoise),

It's a good thing it's winter.


Diane said...

I like your fingernails

Kim Thomas said...

And mine are right in the middle

Sara Watson said...

yep, love the turquoise.

You can add to the list of ways Sara has become Avery's mom that I read this blog title and thought of diapers :) you're welcome for that thought!