Friday, December 5, 2014

My cousin Tavi

I was so blessed to grow up with a mom who shared such a close relationship with her sisters that our cousins were intertwined in our lives.  Tavi was the cousin who became a sister to many of us as her sleep overs would turn into a month, a semester or more. She experienced a grown up world long before any of us even knew those evils existed.  

She was gorgeous (I mean really check out those cheek bones), fiercely independent and became the protector of her son to ensure his childhood was better than hers.

Tavi was the cousin that grew up to quick and lost her life too soon.  She showed us that true love is possible to find and when it does you can live an amazing life.  Which she did.

RIP Tavi - save me a seat on the front row!

I love you!!