Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Birthday KT

My Version of Time Hop in celebration of the best 22 of the year.

I took the first pic (not necessarily the best one) for each month in 2014 for the fun 

All I can say is your forehead looks great

Damn allergies, damn right side

Lets go swimming

Scarf repeat my 3 chinned friend, thank goodness botox is around the corner

Love my hair

Damn I love this happy joyful airport moment 

Lets not pose in swimsuits

And now the sunglasses take over

SMR on the dress

Best layover ever!!!

SMR scarf - what the hell am I looking at?

 Love this moment!!!!

I am so fortunate to have in my life.  I wouldn't change any bad (cry), good (laugh) or amazing (love that connection) moment this year (or any other).   Thank you for being an aunt to my kids, a sister to my husband and the bestest friend I could ever ask for,


Diane said...

Happy birthday!

Kim Thomas said...

I just love this blog!!!!!

Ro you got your money out of that scarf purchase.

Have that red Calvin Klein dress on twice too.

Love June, August and September. Maybe I'll timehop the last pics of the month and see how many are in the scarf. Lmao

I love you and couldn't have picked a better best friend either!!!

Sara Watson said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! Now that I am resurfacing, I am realizing that this was the first year I didn't get you a birthday post :( Thank God the card made it in time, or I'd be a total friend fail!

Love this series :) and love the sunglasses takeover!