Sunday, May 25, 2014

HCBC 2014

I love this incredible group of women that are always there to support each other (never mind the fact they are smart and funny)
Thank you to the Hot Chicks Bloggers Club that after 8 years; with additions - both bloggers and babies with changes - including jobs and jocks and being there for this thing called life.

I know I can always count on each one of you for every significant milestone! This event supporting MJMs graduation.

We missed you Andreas, Teri and LoSpace!


Kim Thomas said...

It's an awesome group indeed! So glad we created it and it continues to evolve....Go HCBC!

Diane said...

Thanks to Miranda for the celebration! Love you guys:)

Ruth Anne said...

pretty dang cool to come together for a common goal. Thanks,

Ruth Anne said...

Also... I think it is pretty dang funny that I can check blogs at work, except for Kims due to security reasons. HAHA

Sara Watson said...

Love this group! I can't believe Teri didn't even send a present ;)